Car Parking In Central Milton Keynes For Free To Save Money

Car Parking In Cmk Optimised

As milton keynes increases in the size of the population, residential properties and businesses, more people are travelling on the roads and visiting the retail parks and the central Milton Keynes shopping centre.

Wherever you want to go within Milton Keynes, finding car parking spaces that will save you money, or that are free, are well worth knowing.

Around the central Milton Keynes area, some car parks are charging as much as £2 per hour.  This article will help you to find local car parking that will save you money.

One car park that is worth knowing about is the food centre multi-storey.  At certain times of the day, you can park in this 550 space multi-storey car park free of charge, and is one of the biggest car parks near the central Milton Keynes shops.

There are also several free parking areas on the streets close by to the multi-storey car park.  Make sure you check the signs before leaving your car.

At the other end of the central Milton Keynes shopping centre, near Marks & Spencer’s and Debenhams, there is also a number of free parking spaces for up to 3 hours, but be aware these get filled up very fast so you do need to be early.

The hub in Milton Keynes is a popular place to drink and dine with many restaurants, café’s and bars.  Or you might be just visiting the many offices in the local area.  A car park that is well worth knowing is Sainsbury’s underground car park as its free parking for up to 3 hours.  There are 575 spaces in the underground car park, so you should always find a space.  Once you’ve parked up, you can access the Sainsbury’s supermarket direct from the car park.

Near the Milton Keynes railway station there is a fairly new Morrisons supermarket where you can also park for free, but be aware there could be a time restriction.

Campbell Park, along Silbury Boulevard and Avebury Boulevard, is a great open space for some fresh air and to enjoy a bit of walking.  If you want to go to Campbell Park in Milton Keynes then there is plenty of free parking.  it’s also only a short walk to central Milton Keynes shopping centre.

If you take any of our advice above or looking to find your own free parking, please always check the signs around the car parking that you are looking to leave your car.  If you do park up and the parking isn’t free then you could find yourself with a hefty fine.

If you’ve parked in many of the local car parks and you’ve found scratches or even small dents on your car then we can provide a free quote from car body shops in the Milton Keynes area. Enjoy your car parking trail and wish you all the best of luck.

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