DIY Car Dent Repair Using General Household Tools

Diy Dent Removal

Dents left in the body of your car can make your car so much older than it really, especially if left, the paint peels off and the dented area starts to rust. Furthermore, unsightly dents in your car’s bodywork will reduce the value of your car.

Any car dents should be removed as soon as possible, however, having it done professionally can be quite expensive. Unless you have a pricey sports car that requires special care, you may be able to remove the dent yourself. Depending on the type and size of the dent, there are a lot of different methods you can employ to remove it.

Keep the following in mind if you’re thinking of taking the DIY route:

1 – Fixing Large Dents

If you have a large dent in the body of your car, you may consider buying a speciality large dent repair kit. However, you can replicate many of the included repair kit pieces with household items, if you’re on a tighter budget.

For example, a simple wooden dowel cut into two-inch sections with large screws in the sides, for handles, and a glue gun might be all you need. Attach the flat end of the wood pieces to the car dent with your glue gun, using as many pieces as you need to cover the dent completely.

Leave a gap of around two inches (if possible) between each piece. Then, simply pull on the rods and the dent might just pop out. You can remove the rods and glue quite easily from there.

This is how it’s done:

2 – Fixing Smaller Dents

There are a number of ways to go about fixing smaller dents. The best method of choice largely depends upon what you happen to have around the house.

One of the most common revolves around the use of a plunger, you know, the kind that you use to unblock the toilet. Just place the plunger over the dent and pull on it with a gradual amount of force. Eventually, you may find the dent pulls out.

The plunger method is quite easy, but just be sure to start lightly and gradually build up your pressure to avoid further damage.

You might want to try several smaller tugs until the dent has fully popped out. If you find you aren’t getting a good enough seal, you can use petroleum jelly around the rim to help it grip tightly onto the car body.

This is how it’s done:

You can also use a hair dryer!

Metal expands when there are changes in temperature, a fact that you can exploit to repair your car’s dent. To make this work, you need to get the metal around the dented area as hot as possible, and then cool it down just as quickly.

Applying dry ice is usually the best means for the second step. If you manage to hit the right balance, the dent could well just pop out on its own!

Here’s how:

Finally, you should also consider the basic hammer method

The hammer method requires access to the opposite side of the dent however, so you may need to investigate how to remove your door panels or fenders, depending on the dent location.

By bracing a piece of flat metal (with a cloth draped over for paint protection) over the dent then hammering it from the opposite side, the dent should come right out. Just make sure you tap gently, starting from the centre.

A little bit of patience is all it takes! So as you see, there a wide variety of ways that you can fix your car dent without having to pay for a pricey repair job at your local car repair shop. It’s highly recommended that you take great care before starting the fix.

Get all of your tools ready and always be as gentle and patient as possible.

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